at Washington Family Ranch
An amazing YL camp located in the high desert of Central Oregon. This camp trip is open to all MEHS, SHS, PHS, & Home School students. This trip is for students who have finished their 9th grade year, current sophomores & juniors and graduated seniors are also welcome (think of it as a graduation present!). 

This year, we will be flying to Portland and taking a charter bus from PDX airport to camp. Students traveling from Sitka can choose to be a part of the Group Ticket or be an INDEPENDENT TRAVELER and make their own ticket. ALL MEHS students need to contact Chris or Aaron to work on travel arrangements to Portland. 

Dates: June 14th - June 21st 
Three Steps to Register for Camp!!
STEP 1: Complete the Registration form below and click submit
Go to registration form by clicking here
STEP 2: Click on the Health and Consent Form link below and complete this form by March 1st 
STEP 3: Make your camp payment, use table below to see what your camp fee will be based on when you pay and whether you are traveling on a Sitka Group ticket or are an Independent Traveler - Scholarships are avaliable.
1) Select this link to make secure online Camp Fee payments to Sitka Young Life.
2) enter the Campers Name and the amount 
3) PRINT receipt as record of your payment.
Check out the link below for this great Young Life Camp

Chris: 907-738-8299
Aaron: 907-738-2215

​ ​​​​​​

Questions about  registering for Camp?!


Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to discuss Camp and the travel options.   

Sitka Young Life office:


Chris: 907-738-8299     


Travel Info and Paying for Camp

YL Camp Flight Information:
June 14- AK Air Flight 62  SIT 11:55am - SEA 4:35pm
June 14 - AK Air Flight 2843  SEA 5:35pm - PDX 6:35pm 
June 21 -  AK Air Flight 1489   PDX 5:35pm - SEA 6:30pm
June 21 - AK Air Flight 79     SEA 8:00pm - JNU  9:22pm
June 21  - AK Air Flight 70     JNU 10:40pm - SIT  11:16pm
This year we will be flying to Portland then taking a charter bus to camp. All students will need to arrive at PDX  airport by 7pm on June 14th to meet the group before we board the charter bus. 

MEHS student traveling from outside of Sitka?!! Contact Aaron or Chris to make your travel arrangements. You will be meeting our group in Portland on June 14th. 

Choose your Camp Fee
1) Group Traveler or Independent Traveler- You Decide! 
You can choose whether Sitka YL will buy your Alaska Airlines ticket to travel to camp with the group, or if you want to arrange and buy your own camp travel. If you buy your own travel you will pay the camp fee and bus costs only (see the right side of the table below).
All INDEPENDENT TRAVELERS buying their own ticket for camp must arrive at the Portland (PDX)
by 7:00pm on June 14th.   
2) Pay Early and SAVE!  
The earlier you pay off the balance of your Camp Fee the lower your total camp cost is.  Each month you pay before the deadline date of May 15th you get $100 discounted.  
If you pay in-full by the date below your total Camp Fee will be:
for Group Travel   or Independent Travel
February 15 $950 $425 (3 months early discount = $300)
March 15 $1,050 $525 (2 months early discount = $200)
April 15 $1,150 $625 (1 month early discount = $100)
May 15 $1,250 $725 Camp fees and forms all due!

Send in your forms & payment to:​

Sitka Young Life
PO Box 2046
Sitka AK 99835
FAX: 907-747-6299
1) Select this link to make secure online Camp Fee payments to Sitka Young Life.
2) enter the Campers Name and the amount 
3) PRINT receipt as record of your payment.
Camp Scholarship Application
Select the above link if you need help with paying for your Camp Fees. 
Complete and turn in this form to the YL Office with your Registration Forms


​Come have a great time!


Young Life Sitka | PO Box 2046 Sitka, AK 99835-2046

Phone: (907) 738-2215

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