Camping in Young Life is an experience of a lifetime.

The food is fabulous, the entertainment beats Broadway and the message proclaimed from the clubroom stage starts conversations that change lives. Young Life's camping history spans more than 50 years and reaches coast to coast and around the world. When we talk about Young Life camp we often tell kids to expect "the best week of your life" and almost every kid we've ever taken to camp would agree. 
Each summer, Sitka Young Life takes students to Young Life properities in the Lower 48 and Canada. High School most often will have the option to go to Malibu Club in British Columbia or Washington Family Ranch - Canyon in Oregon. Middle school students typically will go to summer camp at Washington Family Ranch - Creeside in Oregon. 

In addition to summer camps, Sitka Young Life also puts on school year overnight events like Winter Blast and small group camping trips. 

Stay tuned later in the Fall semester for a full listing of all camp trips avaliable for this school year.

Camp Scholarships

It is our goal that money would not be a barrier to any student attending Young Life camp. We work to provide students with options to raise funds to reduce camp fees and we also work with local businesses and our community to help raise funds to support kids experiencing Young Life camp. 

​To make a donation to the Sitka Young Life camp scholarship funds, please click on the links below or mail your donation to: 
   Sitka Young Life
PO Box 2046 
    Sitka, AK 99835




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