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Welcome to 2018!! The new semester of Young Life and WyldLife Clubs will kick off shortly...Check out the Camps tab for information on our high school camp trip to Malibu Young Life Camp in British Columbia this summer and to reserve your camp spot!

First Young Life event - January 31st Pile of Fries

First WyldLife event - February 6th Club @ BMS

Upcoming Events​​
WyldLife Events Spring 2018    
Feb 6th  - Club @ BMS
Feb 13th - Pile of Fries @ McDonald's
Feb 20th   - Club @ BMS
Feb 27th  - Campaigners @ Naz Church
Mar 1st - WyldLife Winter Blast
Mar 6th  - No WyldLife Event
Mar 13th - Spring Break Special Event
Mar 20th - Club @ BMS 
Mar 27th  - Campaigners @ Naz Church
April 3rd  - Club @ BMS
April 10th  - Campaingers @ Naz Church
April 17th - Club @ BMS
April 24th - Campaigners @ Naz Church
May 1st - HPR Rec Club

Young Life Events Spring 2018
Club starts at 8:45pm 
Jan 31st - Pile of Fries @ McD's
 Feb 7th           Mar 14th - No Club
 Feb 14th         Mar 21st   
Feb 21st         Mar 28th 
Feb 28th           Apr 4th  
Mar 2nd            Apr 11th 
Winter Blast      Apr 18th 
Mar 7th              Apr 25th - HPR Rec

Sitka Young Life Summer Camp​

Winter Blast Weekend 2018
WyldLife - March 1st - 2nd 
Young Life - March 2nd - 3rd 
@ Grace Harbor Church 

Malibu - Summer 2018
June 7th - June 15th 


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